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Titles:    Bearer of the Heavens, Father of the Sky, Noble Shield, The Eternal Scale   

Portfolio: Avitian Empire, cities, spirit of gatherings of people

Typical Worshipers: those going to war; politicians; seekers of nobility; merchants; fathers

Domains: War   

Minor Ritual: Anointing an icon of Allafar with blessed oil.

Sample Blessing: “May the voices of your ancestors guide you.”

Allafar, husband to Allamar, is an exemplar of community, war, competition, and trade. It was Allafar who created language and gave it to mortal kind, he who holds back the pillaging barbarians who seek to destroy the cities, and he who teaches from his temple upon the peak of Mount Caelum far above the Arva Plains. By Allafar’s guidance, all civilization strives forward for the betterment of all.

Allafar resembles the perfect physical form of humanity, muscular and unmarred by the harshness of living. His hair is a halo of clouds on the edge of a storm and a fine black toga woven from volcanic stone covers his frame. He is often depicted racing his silver chariot across the sky, drawn by two grey mares whose hooves spark lightning as they stride.

While Allafar strives for the harmony shown by his wife, such harmony often conflicts with his desire to protect his chosen people. As he wrestles with balancing his conflicted nature, so too do the populations over which he presides fall into conflict and strife. Such is his connection to civilization; many saints have claimed that the conflict and disorder seen in any city have less to do with the conditions of the city as it does with state of Allafar.

While all these are the realm of Allafar, he does have his darker side as well. There are times when civilization is threatened and the only path that lay ahead is that of war. When the need arises, Allafar dons his armor of silver and obsidian, gather up bolts of lightning as though they were pilum, and unsheathes his sword Tempestas whose blade is the biting north wind itself.


Priests of Allafar are most commonly found in cities or with large military units. They are always present for large civic functions such as important senate votes, citywide holiday celebrations, the opening of games at arenas, and the formation of new legions to be sent off to war. These priests are masters of social functions and are commonly outgoing personalities. Many priests are also skilled merchants who may be called upon to bless new business ventures. As the health and prosperity of a city is said to be based upon the mood of Allafar, priests take it upon themselves to make frequent sacrifices and hold regular celebratory events in the hopes of appeasing Allafar.


Allafar is lord of the social sphere and all that occurs within. All who wish to excel in society offer prayers to him be they merchants, politicians, or the common folk. Gladiators who fight in arenas across the empire know of Allafar’s love of competition and offer prayers and sacrifices to him before important events. Soldiers and military types often wear symbols and idols dedicated to Allafar with the hope that he will see them through imminent combat.



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