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Titles:    Queen of the Sea, The Blue Lady, The Chalice

Portfolio: architecture, craftwork, justice, truth

Typical Worshipers: judges and those in the legal profession; crafters; birthing mothers; those about to die   

Domains: Knowledge, Life, Light   

Minor Ritual: Say a prayer over strong wine that has been heated to near boiling. Drink the wine while hot.

Sample Blessing: “The soul is the basis of all existence. A well-ordered soul shall bring forth your greatness.”

Allamar, wife to Allafar, is a powerful goddess who watches over the souls of all mortals. She is said to have discovered the secrets of working with stone and iron, taming the flames destructive inclinations, and is the manifestation of individual perfection.

She is often depicted as a dark skinned woman whose hair is a halo of flame. She wears a deep blue toga woven from the first water that fell upon the land to make the oceans. Most portraits show beside a fiery kiln and basin working metal, clay, and stone. Others show studying the works of mortals from her manor which is set in the sun.

Allamar and her husband create all the humanoids of the world. Before their birth, Allamar tells all future mortals the goals, she has set forth for their lives and then places a single shard of metal within each of their hearts. As the mortals progress through life, their hearts work upon the metal, either purifying it from other metals or corrupting it based upon their actions in life.

It is also said that when a mortal commits an evil act, their soul cries tears only the gods can see. Allamar collects these tears in a clay amphora she makes for each and every mortal. She places these pots in her manor house which passes over all the land each day in the sun.

Once a mortal reaches the end of life, she measures the tears and removes the shard from the mortal heart. If the shard is corrupt, she tosses it down from heaven where it buries itself deep in the earth. If it is pure, she uses it to make weapons for her husband and his army. If the mortal’s jar of tears is full, she casts the soul into the flames of the sun; if the jar still has room, she allows its owner to become part of her husband’s army.

It is said that one day Allamar’s jars will be too full of the sins of mortals and the tears will overflow. On this day the tears will extinguish the sun.


The priests of Allamar are rigid individuals who prefer a ritualistic approach to both their daily life as well as the temples they preside over.

This is not to say that Allamar’s priests are callous; rather, they believe by exemplifying self-control, they are following the path set out to them by their goddess, and are better citizens of the Empire as well.


Allamar is the Queen of the Earth and is paired with the elements of fire and water. She is the goddess of self-perfection and individual honor. Many pray to her during childbirth, traveling, sickness or suffering, along with sailors and those seeking atonement. Many will “swear to Allamar” when the truthfulness of their claims is in question as a way of expressing their sincerity. When a person swears in such a way there is a 1% chance that Allamar takes notice and, if the swearer is lying, immediately strike them blind. If the setting is a legal one, this chance raises to 5%.

The priests and priestesses of the Allamar tend to wear robes of brown and green, brown and blue, or brown and red. They are given the honorific of “Gardeners.”



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