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Cives Avitus


While those under Avitian rule are considered Avitian, only those born in the capital city of Avitus, and with three generations of ancestors also born in Avitus, are considered Avitian citizens. These citizens are the “most Avitian” of all those the Empire rules over, and as such they gain benefits afforded to no others. Be they senators, soldiers, merchants or potters, being an Avitian Citizen is proof that your breeding and heritage is the best in the nation

Skill Proficiencies: History, Religion

Languages: Avitian Standard, one mortal language of your choice

Equipment: Servant; Rod/badge/sash declaring your rank

Cives Avitus - You are a full citizen of the capital city of Avitus, able to hold political office, vote, and enjoy the full protection of Avitian law.

  • Merchant
  • Senator
  • Tribune
  • Guildmaster
  • Aristocrat

Feature: I Am A Citizen

Most Cives Avitus are exempt from taxes their Emperor imposes. All purchases within the Avitian Empire or from Avitian merchants are at 10% less than list price.

Alternate Feature: Vote

Citizens have the right to attend Avitian governmental meetings and participate in votes affecting the community.

Suggested Characteristics

Avitian citizens see themselves as the epitome of civilization. Sometimes this is seen in a citizens disdain for the ways of others, other times it is a blindness to danger. There is always pride in their Empire, though some take this pride to outlandish extremes. Most citizens try to stay up to date with the latest fashions and trends that are sweeping the capital city. Trends from other regions are always seen as inferior.

When in public, citizens frequently wear robes befitting their station. Many also carry signet jewelry, chains or rods of state, or colorful sashes indicating what type of business the citizen is engaged in.

Personality Trait

  1. The amount of land a person owns tells me how important a person is.

  2. Adherence to law and order mark you as a good citizen.

  3. I always try to discover others' social status so that I know if they are above or below me.

  4. I prefer to recline when I eat, as all proper Avitians do.

  5. I wear clothing and armor that is most in fashion in Avitus.

  6. I love to turn conversation towards politics and explain how the Empire would be better if they only listened to my solutions.

  7. I carry a small vial of soil from the land outside the high temple of Allafar and my hand often grasps it when I need confidence.

  8. I pray to small statues of Allafar and Allamar daily.


  1. Empire. It is my duty to aid fellow citizens. It is my pity that aids all others. (Community)

  2. Civilized. I must deal honorably with Avitians. Others do not understand what honor means and can be treated as whim dictates. (Fairness)

  3. Fealty. True Avitian Citizenry follows the laws of the Emperor and the Will of Allafar. (Freedom)

  4. Honored. All who honor Allamar seek to improve themselves through acts of honor and bravery. (Loyalty)

  5. Laws that bind. In public, the law is as a god. In private, the law is what I make it. (Authority)

  6. Leadership. It is the sacred duty of Avitus to shine the light of enlightenment upon the world. (Sanctity)


  1. Above all else, Citizenship is most important. I will look favorably upon other Citizens.

  2. I hold the Gods of Avitus above all others and strive to embody their wisdom.

  3. It is my duty to protect the Empire with my actions and share the light of its civilization with others.

  4. My city/state/region relies on the work of its citizens. I hope to hold political office.

  5. A politician knows a secret that may destroy my name. I am bound to them till I find a more significant secret of theirs.

  6. My devotion to the Empire is marked by my devotion to my Bondsworn.


  1. I believe the Avitian Empire to be the highest form of civilization on Æliode

  2. I know the will of the Citizen is inherently more important than the will of the outsider.

  3. I am quick to argue if someone holds beliefs contrary to mine.

  4. The “truth” held by my political faction is more important than any other’s “Truth”.

  5. I always believe the word of a citizen over a foreigner.

  6. I compare new experiences to those I had while in Avitus, to most people's annoyance.



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