5th Edition SRD

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Druid Spells

Cantrips (0 Level): Guidance; Mending; Produce Flame; Resistance; Shillelagh

1st Level: Charm Person; Create or Destroy Water; Cure Wounds; Detect Magic; Detect Poison and Disease; Entangle; Faerie Fire; Fog; Cloud; Healing Word; Jump; Longstrider; Purify Food and Drink; Speak with Animals; Thunderwave

2nd Level: Animal Messenger; Barkskin; Darkvision; Enhance Ability; Find Traps; Flame Blade; Flaming Sphere; Gust of Wind; Heat Metal; Hold Person; Lesser Restoration; Locate Animals or Plants; Locate Object; Moonbeam; Pass without Trace; Protection from Poison; Spike Growth

3rd Level: Call Lightning; Conjure Animals; Daylight; Dispel Magic; Meld into Stone; Plant Growth; Protection from Energ;y Sleet Storm; Speak with Plants; Water Breathing; Water Walk; Wind Wall

4th Level: Blight; Confusion; Conjure Minor Elementals; Conjure Woodland Beings; Control Water; Dominate Beast; Freedom of Movement; Giant Insect; Hallucinatory Terrain; Ice Storm; Locate Creature; Polymorph; Stone Shape; Stoneskin; Wall of Fire

5th Level: Antilife Shell; Awaken; Commune with Nature; Conjure Elemental; Contagion; Geas; Greater Restoration; Insect Plague; Mass Cure Wounds; Planar Binding; Reincarnate; Scrying; Tree Stride; Wall of Stone

6th Level: Conjure Fey; Find the Path; Heal; Heroes’ Feast; Move Earth; Sunbeam; Transport via Plants; Wall of Thorns; Wind Walk

7th Level: Fire Storm; Mirage Arcane; Plane Shift; Regenerate; Reverse Gravity

8th Level: Animal Shapes; Antipathy/Sympathy; Control Weather; Earthquake; Feeblemind; Sunburst

9th Level: Foresight; Shapechange; Storm of Vengeance; True Resurrection


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