5th Edition SRD

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Bard Spells

Cantrips (0 Level)

Dancing Lights; Light; Mage Hand; Mending; Message; Minor Illusion; Prestidigitation; True Strike

1st Level: Bane; Charm Person; Comprehend Languages; Cure Wounds; Detect Magic; Disguise Self; Faerie Fire; Feather Fall; Healing Word; Heroism; Hideous Laughter; Identify; Illusory Script; Longstrider; Silent Image; Sleep; Speak with Animals; Thunderwave; Unseen Servant

2nd Level: Animal Messenger; Blindness/Deafness; Calm Emotions; Detect Thoughts; Enhance Ability; Enthrall; Heat Metal; Hold Person; Invisibility; Knock; Lesser Restoration; Locate Animals or Plants; Locate Object; Magic Mouth; See Invisibility; Shatter; Silence; Suggestion; Zone of Truth

3rd Level: Bestow Curse; Clairvoyance; Dispel Magic; Fear; Glyph of Warding; Hypnotic Pattern; Major Image; Nondetection; Plant Growth; Sending; Speak with Dead; Speak with Plants; Stinking Cloud; Tiny Hut; Tongues

4th Level: Confusion; Dimension Door; Freedom of Movement; Greater Invisibility; Hallucinatory Terrain; Locate Creature; Polymorph

5th Level: Animate Objects; Awaken; Dominate Person; Dream; Geas; Greater Restoration; Hold Monster; Legend Lore; Mass Cure Wounds; Mislead; Modify Memory; Planar Binding; Raise Dead; Scrying; Seeming; Teleportation Circle

6th Level: Eyebite; Find the Path; Guards and Wards; Irresistible Dance; Mass Suggestion; Programmed Illusion; True Seeing

7th Level: Arcane Sword; Etherealness; Forcecage; Magnificent Mansion; Mirage Arcane; Project Image; Regenerate; Resurrection; Symbol; Teleport

8th Level: Dominate Monster; Feeblemind; Glibness; Mind Blank; Power Word Stun

9th Level: Foresight; Power Word Kill; True Polymorph


Cleric Spells

Cleric Spells

Cantrips (0 Level): Guidance; Light; Mending; Resistance; Sacred Flame; Thaumaturgy

1st Level: Bane; Bless; Command; Create or Destroy Water; Cure Wounds; Detect Evil and Good; Detect Magic; Detect Poison and Disease; Guiding Bolt; Healing Word; Inflict Wounds; Protection from Evil and Good; Purify Food and Drink; Sanctuary; Shield of Faith

2nd Level: Aid; Augury; Blindness/Deafness; Calm Emotions; Continual Flame; Enhance Ability; Find Traps; Gentle Repose; Hold Person; Lesser Restoration; Locate Object; Prayer of Healing; Protection from Poison; Silence; Spiritual Weapon; Warding Bond; Zone of Truth

3rd Level: Animate Dead; Beacon of Hope; Bestow Curse; Clairvoyance; Create Food and Water; Daylight; Dispel Magic; Glyph of Warding; Magic Circle; Mass Healing Word; Meld into Stone; Protection from Energy; Remove Curse; Revivify; Sending; Speak with Dead; Spirit Guardians; Tongues; Water Walk

4th Level: Banishment; Control Water; Death Ward; Divination; Freedom of Movement; Locate Creature; Stone Shape;

5th Level: Commune; Contagion; Dispel Evil and Good; Flame Strike; Geas; Greater Restoration; Hallow; Insect Plague; Legend Lore; Mass Cure Wounds; Planar Binding; Raise Dead ;Scrying

6th Level: Blade Barrier; Create Undead; Find the Path; Forbiddance; Harm; Heal; Heroes’ Feast; Planar Ally; True Seeing; Word of Recall;

7th Level: Conjure Celestial; Divine Word; Etherealness; Fire Storm; Plane Shift; Regenerate; Resurrection; Symbol

8th Level: Antimagic Field; Control Weather; Earthquake; Holy Aura

9th Level: Astral Projection; Gate; Mass Heal; True Resurrection


Druid Spell

Cantrips (0 Level): Guidance; Mending; Produce Flame; Resistance; Shillelagh

1st Level: Charm Person; Create or Destroy Water; Cure Wounds; Detect Magic; Detect Poison and Disease; Entangle; Faerie Fire; Fog; Cloud; Healing Word; Jump; Longstrider; Purify Food and Drink; Speak with Animals; Thunderwave

2nd Level: Animal Messenger; Barkskin; Darkvision; Enhance Ability; Find Traps; Flame Blade; Flaming Sphere; Gust of Wind; Heat Metal; Hold Person; Lesser Restoration; Locate Animals or Plants; Locate Object; Moonbeam; Pass without Trace; Protection from Poison; Spike Growth

3rd Level: Call Lightning; Conjure Animals; Daylight; Dispel Magic; Meld into Stone; Plant Growth; Protection from Energ;y Sleet Storm; Speak with Plants; Water Breathing; Water Walk; Wind Wall

4th Level: Blight; Confusion; Conjure Minor Elementals; Conjure Woodland Beings; Control Water; Dominate Beast; Freedom of Movement; Giant Insect; Hallucinatory Terrain; Ice Storm; Locate Creature; Polymorph; Stone Shape; Stoneskin; Wall of Fire

5th Level: Antilife Shell; Awaken; Commune with Nature; Conjure Elemental; Contagion; Geas; Greater Restoration; Insect Plague; Mass Cure Wounds; Planar Binding; Reincarnate; Scrying; Tree Stride; Wall of Stone

6th Level: Conjure Fey; Find the Path; Heal; Heroes’ Feast; Move Earth; Sunbeam; Transport via Plants; Wall of Thorns; Wind Walk

7th Level: Fire Storm; Mirage Arcane; Plane Shift; Regenerate; Reverse Gravity

8th Level: Animal Shapes; Antipathy/Sympathy; Control Weather; Earthquake; Feeblemind; Sunburst

9th Level: Foresight; Shapechange; Storm of Vengeance; True Resurrection


Paladin Spells

1st Level: Bless; Command; Cure Wounds; Detect Evil and Good; Detect Magic; Detect Poison and Disease; Divine Favor; Heroism; Protection from Evil and Good; Purify Food and Drink; Shield of Faith

2nd Level: Aid; Find Steed; Lesser Restoration; Locate Object; Magic Weapon; Protection from Poison; Zone of Truth

3rd Level: Create Food and Water; Daylight; Dispel Magic; Magic Circle; Remove Curse; Revivify

4th Level: Banishment; Death Ward; Locate Creature

5th Level: Dispel Evil and Good; Geas; Raise Dead


Ranger Spells

1st Level: Alarm; Cure Wounds; Detect Magic; Detect Poison and Disease; Fog Cloud; Jump; Longstrider; Speak with Animals

2nd Level: Animal Messenger; Barkskin; Darkvision; Find Traps; Lesser Restoration; Locate Animals or Plants; Locate Object; Pass without Trace; Protection from Poison; Silence; Spike Growth

3rd Level: Conjure Animals; Daylight; Nondetection; Plant Growth; Protection from Energy; Speak with Plants; Water Breathing; Water Walk; Wind Wall

4th Level: Conjure Woodland Beings; Freedom of Movement; Locate Creature; Stoneskin

5th Level: Commune with Nature; Tree Stride

Sorcerer Spells

Cantrips (0 Level): Acid Splash; Chill Touch; Dancing Lights; Light; Mage Hand; Mending; Message; Minor Illusion; Prestidigitation; Ray of Frost; Shocking Grasp; True Strike

1st Level: Burning Hands; Charm Person; Color Spray; Comprehend Languages; Detect Magic; Disguise Self; Expeditious Retreat; False Life; Feather Fall; Fog Cloud; Jump; Mage Armor; Magic Missile; Shield; Silent Image; Sleep; Thunderwave

2nd Level: Alter Self; Blindness/Deafness; Blur; Darkness; Darkvision; Detect Thoughts; Enhance Ability; Enlarge/Reduce; Gust of Wind; Hold Person; Invisibility; Knock; Levitate; Mirror Image; Misty Step; Scorching Ray; See Invisibility; Shatter; Spider Climb; Suggestion; Web

3rd Level: Blink; Clairvoyance; Daylight; Dispel Magic; Fear; Fireball; Fly; Gaseous Form; Haste; Hypnotic Pattern; Lightning Bolt; Major Image; Protection from Energy; Sleet Storm; Slow; Stinking Cloud; Tongues; Water Breathing; Water Walk

4th Level: Banishment; Blight; Confusion; Dimension Door; Dominate Beast; Greater Invisibility; Ice Storm; Polymorph; Stoneskin; Wall of Fire

5th Level: Animate Objects; Cloudkill; Cone of Cold; Creation; Dominate Person; Hold Monster; Insect Plague; Seeming; Telekinesis; Teleportation Circle; Wall of Stone

6th Level: Chain Lightning; Circle of Death; Disintegrate; Eyebite; Globe of Invulnerability; Mass Suggestion; Move Earth; Sunbeam; True Seeing

7th Level: Delayed Blast Fireball; Etherealness; Finger of Death; Fire Storm; Plane Shift; Prismatic Spray; Reverse Gravity; Teleport

8th Level: Dominate Monster; Earthquake; Incendiary Cloud; Power Word Stun; Sunburst

9th Level: Gate; Meteor Swarm; Power Word Kill; Time Stop; Wish

Warlock Spells

Cantrips (0 Level): Chill Touch; Mage Hand; Minor Illusion; Prestidigitation; True Strike

1st Level: Charm Person; Comprehend Languages; Expeditious Retreat; Illusory Script; Protection from Evil and Good; Unseen Servant

2nd Level: Darkness; Enthrall; Hold Person; Invisibility; Mirror Image; Misty Step; Ray of Enfeeblement; Shatter; Spider Climb; Suggestion

3rd Level: Dispel Magic; Fear; Fly; Gaseous Form; Hypnotic Pattern; Magic Circle; Major Image; Remove Curse; Tongues; Vampiric Touch

4th Level: Banishment; Blight; Dimension Door; Hallucinatory Terrain

5th Level: Contact Other Plane; Dream; Hold Monster; Scrying

6th Level: Circle of Death; Conjure Fey; Create Undead; Eyebite; Flesh to Stone; Mass Suggestion; True Seeing

7th Level: Etherealness; Finger of Death; Forcecage; Plane Shift

8th Level: Demiplane; Dominate Monster; Feeblemind; Glibness; Power Word Stun

9th Level: Astral Projection; Foresight; Imprisonment; Power Word Kill; True Polymorph

Wizard Spells

Cantrips (0 Level): Acid Splash; Chill Touch; Dancing Lights; Light; Mage Hand; Mending; Message; Minor Illusion; Prestidigitation; Ray of Frost; Shocking Grasp; True Strike

1st Level: Alarm; Burning Hands; Charm Person; Color Spray; Comprehend Languages; Detect Magic; Disguise Self; Expeditious Retreat; False Life; Feather Fall; Floating Disk; Fog; Cloud; Grease; Hideous Laughter; Identify; Illusory Script; Jump; Longstrider; Mage Armor; Magic Missile; Protection from Evil and Good; Shield; Silent Image; Sleep; Thunderwave; Unseen Servant

2nd Level: Acid Arrow; Alter Self; Arcane Lock; Arcanist’s Magic Aura; Blindness/Deafness; Blur; Continual Flame; Darkness; Darkvision; Detect Thoughts; Enlarge/Reduce; Flaming Sphere; Gentle Repose; Gust of Wind; Hold Person; Invisibility; Knock; Levitate; Locate Object; Magic Mouth; Magic Weapon; Mirror Image; Misty Step; Ray of Enfeeblement; Rope Trick; Scorching Ray; See Invisibility; Shatter; Spider Climb; Suggestion; Web

3rd Level: Animate Dead; Bestow Curse; Blink; Clairvoyance; Dispel Magic; Fear; Fireball; Fly; Gaseous Form; Glyph of Warding; Haste; Hypnotic Pattern; Lightning Bolt; Magic  Circle; Major Image; Nondetection; Phantom Steed; Protection from Energy; Remove Curse; Sending; Sleet Storm; Slow; Stinking Cloud; Tiny Hut; Tongues; Vampiric Touch; Water Breathing

4th Level: Arcane Eye; Banishment; Black Tentacles; Blight; Confusion; Conjure Minor Elementals; Control Water; Dimension Door; Fabricate; Faithful Hound; Fire Shield; Greater Invisibility; Hallucinatory Terrain; Ice Storm; Locate Creature; Phantasmal Killer; Polymorph; Private Sanctum; Resilient Sphere; Secret Chest; Stone Shape; Stoneskin; Wall of Fire

5th Level: Animate Objects; Arcane Hand; Cloudkill; Cone of Cold; Conjure Elemental; Contact Other Plane; Creation; Dominate Person; Dream; Geas; Hold Monster; Legend Lore; Mislead; Modify Memory; Passwall; Planar Binding; Scrying; Seeming; Telekinesis; Telepathic Bond; Teleportation Circle; Wall of Force; Wall of Stone

6th Level: Chain Lightning; Circle of Death; Contingency; Create Undead; Disintegrate; Eyebite; Flesh to Stone; Freezing Sphere; Globe of Invulnerability; Guards and Wards; Instant Summons; Irresistible Dance; Magic Jar; Mass Suggestion; Move Earth; Programmed Illusion; Sunbeam; True Seeing; Wall of Ice

7th Level: Arcane Sword; Delayed Blast Fireball; Etherealness; Finger of Death; Forcecage; Magnificent Mansion; Mirage Arcane; Plane Shift; Prismatic Spray; Project Image; Reverse Gravity; Sequester; Simulacrum; Symbol; Teleport

8th Level: Antimagic Field; Antipathy/Sympathy; Clone; Control Weather; Demiplane; Dominate Monster; Feeblemind; Incendiary Cloud; Maze; Mind Blank; Power Word Stun; Sunburst

9th Level: Astral Projection; Foresight; Gate; Imprisonment; Meteor Swarm; Power Word Kill; Prismatic Wall; Shapechange; Time Stop; True Polymorph; Weird; Wish


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