5th Edition SRD

The Fifth Edition SRD reference tool for your table

Lo, the beasts of the land are many and dangerous. One must gain knowledge if one is to survive. From this pages you may find creatures listed Alphabetically by their name. 

Should ye be searching for records of beasts by their Challenge or Type, ye shall find bests recorded further below.

Beasts by name

Creatures, be they friend or foe, have been cataloged Alphabetically below.  Choose the beast by is name and you will find yourself relocated to a page dedicated to the creature.


Darkmantle, Demons, Devils, Dinosaurs, Doppelganger, Dragon, Dragon Turtle, Drider, Dryad, Duergar



Beasts by type

Creatures of the world can be categorized by similar characteristics. So you prefer this method of organization, consult the taxonomy lists below.






Beasts by challenge

As some beasts are mere annoyances to be dealt with, others are levers by which whole worlds are moved. Researches of the beasts and fiends shall find the creatures below listed according to their power. Chest this list lest ye be become fodder for your betters.



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