5th Edition SRD

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Warlock Spells

Cantrips (0 Level): Chill Touch; Mage Hand; Minor Illusion; Prestidigitation; True Strike

1st Level: Charm Person; Comprehend Languages; Expeditious Retreat; Illusory Script; Protection from Evil and Good; Unseen Servant

2nd Level: Darkness; Enthrall; Hold Person; Invisibility; Mirror Image; Misty Step; Ray of Enfeeblement; Shatter; Spider Climb; Suggestion

3rd Level: Dispel Magic; Fear; Fly; Gaseous Form; Hypnotic Pattern; Magic Circle; Major Image; Remove Curse; Tongues; Vampiric Touch

4th Level: Banishment; Blight; Dimension Door; Hallucinatory Terrain

5th Level: Contact Other Plane; Dream; Hold Monster; Scrying

6th Level: Circle of Death; Conjure Fey; Create Undead; Eyebite; Flesh to Stone; Mass Suggestion; True Seeing

7th Level: Etherealness; Finger of Death; Forcecage; Plane Shift

8th Level: Demiplane; Dominate Monster; Feeblemind; Glibness; Power Word Stun

9th Level: Astral Projection; Foresight; Imprisonment; Power Word Kill; True Polymorph


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